The TIFF File Format

TIFF files were designed for use in print production. Similar to a jpeg, tiff files are commonly used to deliver print ready images and graphics. 

A tiff file is a raster based file, meaning it is made up of thousands of tiny dots. As a raster file, It can be easily scaled down in size but will become blurry and pixelated if scaled larger than its initial size. There is one major difference between a tiff and other common raster files such as jpgs. A tiff file retains its full file size when being saved.

Tiffs are not nearly as common as other file types, but have important uses.

When to Use:

  • Tiffs are the right choice when you need to save without losing any image date through compression. Just keep in mind, tiff files can often be very large.
  • Your printer may request that you deliver files as a tiff.