The TTF File Format

TTF files are a common font file. Developed by a joint effort between Apple and Microsoft in the 80’s, .ttf files have become the most commonly used fonts on both operating systems. 

Digging into how font files work can be a complex undertaking. Font creators are always looking for more precious control, new font formats endeavor to offer it to them. This was the goal of the ttf format.

When it comes to working with font files there are a few things to keep in mind. Most fonts that you purchase or download will be delivered in the ttf format. You shouldn’t have any trouble getting it installed on your computer.

TTF fonts have also become commonly used online. TTF files have a 91% support rate in modern web browsers. There is one important note to keep in mind. Fonts often come with detailed permissions. Its important to read the license agreement that came with your font. Some font designers do not allow their fonts to be used online.