Branding Resources

A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. You earn reputation by trying to do hard things well.

Jeff Bezos

Building a brand is hard work. It takes perseverence, focus, and determination. Having the right logo just isn't enough. There's a lot more to learn and the challenges never stop evolving. Let's keep learning together.

What makes a truly great logo?

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What is a PSD?

The PSD File Format

So, what is a PSD file used for? PSD files are the primary format for artwork and images created in Adobe… Read

The GIF File Format

GIF files are a type of raster image similar to jpegs. They are most commonly found online and famous for… Read

The JPG File Format

JPEG files (pronounced: “jay-peg”) are the most commonly used format for digital images. Regardless of the industry or workplace, you… Read

The TTF File Format

TTF files are a common font file. Developed by a joint effort between Apple and Microsoft in the 80’s, .ttf files have become… Read

The TIFF File Format

TIFF files were designed for use in print production. Similar to a jpeg, tiff files are commonly used to deliver… Read

The PNG File Format

The png file format was created as an alternative to the gif format. It has become the second most common… Read